Monday, 11 March 2013


seems I can write about nothing else
cycling again
after taking a purposeful wrong way
I was in the dark
along a concrete brook
past a hundred planted trees
finally a larger intersection
and a park besides
there are ghosts on the road
or I thought there were
and the silence is overwhelming perfection
banked upon by the guaguaguaguaguaguagua of frogs
and faintly heard yesteryeary Mandopop from out the temple door
in this silence the universe sings
and my breathing plays its tiny accompaniment




  2. See now I just want to watch Family Guy.

    As it happens, funny frogs sounds was the subject of a conversation I had with a friend the other day. Each language seems to represent animal sounds differently. To add to the confusion, Taiwanese frogs sound different from their European relatives.

  3. So, how will someone be able to to discern a Taiwanese frog sounding mating calls from, say, a South American frog arguing with his mom - just from reading an English transcription? This is a mess.