Sunday, 15 January 2017

Photos from Brittany

Last July Jo and I took our bikes on the ferry to France. Starting in St Malo, we cycled across Brittany. After a few days of cycling and camping, we reached Auray on the other side of the peninsular. The countryside we saw in between was vast and lovely. We stayed in some interesting places, like the excellent Pear Blossom House in Mur-de-Bretagne. That's run by an English couple who have a massive collection of sci-fi novels, Mucha-inspired glass lamp shades and a son who's growing up bilingual. After cycling for 6 hours up French hills and down Breton dales, it was a relief to get to such a welcoming place. We were that relieved that we simply went for a pizza and didn't even see the lake till the following day. Anyway, there are some pictures from that holiday below.

Mimi and Jo on Condor

graffiti along the St Malo to Dinan voie verte - these car-free green routes can be brilliant for cycling, especially if you want to avoid busy roads - in this case the voie verte runs along an old train line

more voie verte graffiti, this time inside an old station 

the Fete des Remparts in Dinan

pretty sure they're cooking endouille - offal sausage that's a Breton specialty - after trying it for the first time the taste kept coming back to me when we were cycling through the manure-scented countryside 


action Jo


a heated baguette vending machine in Mur-de-Bretagne

someone's back yard

a posing idiot by the canal we rode along near Pontivy

the view from that canal, or the Blavet

a shoe shop in Auray

buying tomatoes in Auray

back in St Malo, we visited the cathedral


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    1. Thank you very much, Charlie. It means all the more coming from a talented artist like yourself.

  2. Hi Adam, love the photos. Looking forward to the open mic evening.

    1. Thanks, Julian. Really good to know you'll be at the open mic evening. Look forward to seeing you then