Thursday, 16 February 2017

today's fake news

  • For a brief moment I lost control. 
  • I read 12 pages of the Eddy Merkx book that my Uncle Peter lent me. 
  • He reads a lot. 
  • I said two Hail Marys.
  • Three Hail Marys is a traditional Roman Catholic devotional practice, says Wikipedia.
  • I ate two apples and two satsumas.
  • The sunshine in Guernsey was magnificent.
  • Leeds United beat Bayern Munich in the Champions League (again).
  • Two iconoclastically gargantuan American figures spoke sense (again).
  • The Ligthouse People, reunited for a one-off gig, sang hymns to a congregation of icons.
  • Pussy Riot were invited to reprise their 2012 Christ the Saviour performance.
  • Tomato blossoms fell to a chorus of scribbles made by the pens of Guernsey poets.
  • The first annual George Métivier Festival was inaugurated.
  • Spleen sandwiches were served at the hospital canteen.
  • I went for a swim.
  • I ignored the news (a bit).
  • I put things like politics and agendas out of my mind.
  • I drank two cups of coffee.
  • We stood on top of a wall and sang our hearts out.
  • We heard music from around the world.
  • I felt happy.

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