Thursday, 28 March 2013

97 - Asking Job in for a Cup of Tea

As I threw the shoes into the road and asked out loud "How arrogant do you have to be to leave your shoes in the middle of the hallway?" I wondered whether or not I was going too far. I had been speaking to no one in particular, so I was surprised to hear the question answered by someone who'd been standing next to the door. A man came toward me out of the shadows and I saw that it was Job (yes, from the Bible). "Very arrogant. Very arrogant indeed" he said, in heavily-accented English. As I was feeling a little shocked, I decided to forgo the many questions that came to mind. I didn't want to invite him in, this tired-looking biblical man, but somehow it seemed like the right thing to do and, my angry sense of righteousness having deflated as soon as I realised I'd been seen throwing my housemate's boyfriend's trainers out the front door, and feeling I should do something kind, I asked Job in for a 'cup of tea' knowing that I only had two drinks to offer him: soy milk or orange juice and would have to steal any hot drinks Job wanted from my housemate. As we went back down the hallway my housemate's bedroom door opened. Her boyfriend stepped out, as smug as ever (I am yet to find one thing about him that warrants smugness) and, looking down as he was, immediately saw that his shoes were gone. We went past him but he asked us anyway, "Have you seen my trainers?". We stopped and looked at him, and Job looked at me and I looked at Job. He looked unbothered and I made an ignorant looking frown and said no, before going with Job into the kitchen, where I began to feel like we could be friends.

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