Wednesday, 17 April 2013

105 - breeze knock me

the breeze that come through the window just after i take off my t-shirt almost knock me down
its so sweet that it forces my eyes shut and makes my head swing as i enjoy it a moment
the heat and the madness have got to be worrying but i am as yet not worried
and if not me then whom
who is worrying
if its not in this head then where is it without
when i ask such interested uninteresting questions of the lady clerk
what exactly is the difference between these two identically priced laundry detergents?

the riding about is a madness that i can enjoy
music pounds out
you want to raise your puny arm like a wand to wave away the clouds of doubt
so puny in comparison with the sea and mountains and all those aspirations
still this one-ness
this two-mess
this three-ness
on down the road and the million thoughts overwhelm
the heat becomes a gorgeous thing that carries you in its palmy clam
you snuggled down in there in a state of never-need-remember-nothing
could wander about nude in this world

then home and the wave of information is crashing
it is ever lapping at the desk
the desk can suspend you
can lift you into giddy stratospheres
where you float
making of it what you will among the cats the cats the cats all immortalised for the world
you yourself are immortal now

this madness must stop you cannot forever race
but while you race
let it be
then the breeze through the window and I think I might die
savour this hot cold beauty embrace

Allow me to post something random and self-indulgent; written without punctuation in a single sitting. You can be thankful that few such sittings take place.

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