Tuesday, 23 April 2013

109 - Tomorrow's Sensational Story

Last night I saw a video that was shared on facebook by a friend who deemed it "unbelieveable". Its title promised that it showed people "doing it" on the subway. It did indeed show a man sitting on the Kaohsiung subway, a woman bent over his lap with her head covered by a jacket. As she moved about, the man made some almost comically pained expressions, as if he were enjoying whatever the be-coated woman was doing.

I was unconvinced by what I saw, though I felt more sure that something had taken place once I read the caption underneath the video, in which the person who uploaded the video said that the young woman had emerged from under the coat with a look of disgust on her face before getting off at the next stop. The man, after zipping up his fly and doing up his belt, got off at the following stop, taking a teddy bear with him. The caption-writer expressed surprise that he kept the bear for himself and didn't have the decency to give it to the coat woman.

Today, when I went to have breakfast at a local cafe, I saw that the story was featured in the newspaper. This evening, I saw that the story was featured on the TV news, too. It seems half the country has now seen the video. The couple are going to be prosecuted.

This strikes me as extremely swift. Within twenty-four hours these deviants went from seeing if they could get away with something illicit to being publically shamed as their faces are printed and played over and over again for the amusement of the nation. We live in a viral society and you'd better never step out of line, otherwise the misdemeanour you commit today will become tomorrow's sensational story.

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