Saturday, 27 April 2013


I can't remember where to send this message but let me put it out there anyway. 

You tried to share your life with me and I tried to see it. But when I clicked the link the video didn't load and a compilation of Ronaldo's 10 best goals came up in its place. I only meant to watch one or maybe two, but after each clip I wanted to see the next. By the end I'd forgotten all about you. I was supposed to support your cause, but instead I clicked on a link to see that Compostela goal again. I watched it from every angle, in about nine replays And then it was dinner time. Listen, now that I'm not hungry anymore, send me that link again. Football's going to win in the end, but I should be able to concentrate for five minutes or so. Be quick. Bombard me with your message. See if you can out-dazzle el phenomenon.

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