Saturday, 16 August 2014

Surprise Cameron

Until about five minutes ago, I had no idea who Cameron Dallas was. Now I know. Glory be. He doesn't seem overly obnoxious, but is certainly a little smug and cocky. It seems like his minor fame is based on his looks and some kind of cheeky charisma. Doing stupid stuff on camera, so that you can upload it on Youtube, might seem like the beginning of a career. The majority fail though. What has Cameron Dallas done to succeed?

For one thing, he is giving his followers what they want: supposedly wacky antics. In the video I watched, he went around blowing in strangers' ears when they were looking the other way, while recording their responses. Someone is holding the camera at a distance. I wonder why this friend of Cameron's is never shown. Again, I come back to the fact that Cameron is relying on his looks. He present the video competently, but the content is pretty dull.

People are reacting to it well, however, so, by thinking that it's just silly and worthless, I am obviously in the minority. Looking at the comments you see what his fans have to say. One girl says "you can blow on my pussy" while another, imaging herself being blown on by Cameron, says "that's be perfect wow". Clearly, the boy is popular.

His Twitter feed features pictures of him in bed, pictures of him topless and pictures of him hugging female fans. He does seem to think he is the modern age's gift to women everywhere. After blowing into an unsuspecting stranger's ear as she works on her computer, he is unrepentant. He merely pouts in an unpleasant fashion and nosily asks her questions in a blithe fashion.

Well done, Cameron, but don't be surprised if playing so-called pranks on people gets you in trouble and proves to not be enough for a career. Youtube user Sven Winchester summed up my feelings well, minus the homophobic slurs, when he said "someone should beat this little white faggots ass. If some random little douchebag was blew in your ear you wouldn't get upset? Well of course YOU wouldn't because its "Cameron Dallas" right? Bitch go somewhere with that shit you're talking.".

Perhaps Sven and I are just jealous.

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