Saturday, 13 September 2014

Alex Mowatt: Better Than Howson?

Having just seen Leeds run Birmingham pretty close, I'm so happy I fear I might explode. Repeat that second half performance week after week from now until April and we'll do all right.

There were a few encouraging performances. Cook was excellent. Austin was strong and made a difference after coming on, as did Doukara. Silvestri made some decent saves. The stand-out man was Alex Mowatt though. Is he better than Howson?

5 Reasons Mowatt is Magnificent

  1. His hairband looks good on him.
  2. Cuts a fine figure in his hairband, he does.
  3. Wearing a lovely hairband, he looks great.
  4. He's so dashing, what with that hairband and everything.
  5. Hairband.
It keeps his hair out of his eyes, while looking great.

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