Friday, 12 September 2014

Drowning in Mango - Part Six

Apparently I was feverish. I found out afterwards, though I remember well enough how it felt to have your bones ache from within. On occasion I contorted my back so thoroughly that I thought my shoulder blades were about to pop out of my skin. I found afterwards, I say, that I spoke a great deal. A man from a nearby town, who was brought in to decipher my most probably nonsensical dream-speak, made many proclamations about my character. This man became a kind of friend not so long after this and I have a feeling, despite the crooked nature of his smile, that he said mostly benign things. Still, I always felt the people there regarded me as a half-possessed, half-demented fool. The fever did my judgement in for quite some time. When you're anxious and paranoid, as I was, it's hard to be sure of anything.

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