Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Joey Essex

Joey Essex lived on a farm. Throughout his youth he had wanted nothing more than to climb the hill he saw everyday as he worked. Finally, climbing to the top of the hill, he mounted a dome near the Chapel of Forgiveness, which then belonged to the aliens. On the paved space round the dome an elderly little guide, wearing sunglasses, a smart suit and a scarlet sash, was explaining the City to a crowd of English tourists. The guide pointed here and there with a folded-up umbrella. Joey noticed that he spoke to them about the King as if he were a school teacher explaining the sun to a crowd of especially feeble-minded kindergartners. The trip to the top of the hill was a disappointment. Joey returned home, packed his bags and left on the next bus, which took him to the harbour, where he left on the next boat, which took him to the mainland, where he took the first train for the City.

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