Wednesday, 26 October 2016


drafted lyrcis to go with the Guernsey-French tune 'J'ai Perdu ma Faumme'

lost my wife in a coffee cup. lost my love while taking sips from my mug. happened so sudden i spat out half the cup. luckily i've got my servants to clean it up.
they buzz round while i drink from my coffee cup. these girls are like bees on lavender. they form tight circles like muck-drawn flies. no wonder my wife went down the coffee cup.
i took no notice of my cofee cup. drank it softly down and made some rubbish up. would have seen my wife but the mornings, when the coffee's flowing, you get so you're blind with excitement.
lost my head in an aching cough. lost it when the servants came round. fill up my coffee cup. fill it till it spills on the ground.

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