Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I just drowned in uplifting memes

I just drowned in uplifting memes
It's been coming for a while
Previously I favoured darker themes
Optimism was never my style
One or two Gandhi quotes crept in
Dipped my toe: tweeted "I had a
Dream" - Martin Luther King
Now my throat's stuffed to the top
Sunsets crest my cracked maw
Yoga beauties weigh my lids sleepward
As I'm stuffed with images of beatific serenity,
Wise vomit fills my lungs

Information's a wave that breaks
Over me's the sea and under
A thousand fathoms every-directioned
Beside the wall waves flatten every effort

Forget being a good swimmer
You can't just decide to be a winner
And sure all you need is love
But retweeting second-hand wisdom, well,
That just made me sink, bruv

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