Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Photos from Cherbourg

In August we took a ferry to Dielette. Since most of our fellow passengers were on a day trip, the boat fare included the coach to Cherbourg with its department stores and Titanic museum. While Dielette is a one horse town, Cherbourg is a 1 horsepower city.

We walked through Cherbourg's main square, where we heard open-air music - a stage was set up for an evening concert and people were singing on it. Later we walked on to the beach so that we could swim in the freezing Channel waters.

on the way to the beach

on the outskirts of the port area

beyond the breakwater

Cherbourg is, we were informed somewhere along the way, one of the world's largest artificial harbours. It certainly took a long time to walk around the port and past the sea defences, so that we could get to a sandy area. The sun was on its way down before we were on our way back into the city.

heading back from the beach

a youth

The following day we walked in the other direction around the port, toward La Cite de la Mer: a complex that includes an aquarium, a museum to transatlantic immigration and a permanent exhibition you can climb inside: the Redoubtable, France's first nuclear submarine.

heading into the Titanic exhibition

on board the nuclear submarine Redoubtable

Before the end of the day we went back to Dielette. We wanted to have some time there before dark. As it turned out there wasn't much to do beyond walking around and going for a swim. We went for a swim, this time inside the harbour. It was pretty rough beyond the harbour walls.

just inside Dielette's harbour

just outside Dielette's harbour

These pictures were all taken on my Cosina with Kodak Gold 35mm.

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