Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Accidental Nonsense Poetry

having my phone in my pocket means that I'm often in trouble 
it's developed a habit of ringing people, without me asking it to do so,
and messaging folk that I haven't seen or heard from in years
(a receipient of one such message simply messaged back "??"
had he not done so I wouldn't have known that my 
hyperactive phone had been sending him utter gibberish)

then today I opened up Google Drive,
only to find that a new document was sitting proud at the top of the 'recent' pile.  
it's a rewriting of an old poem of mine, Went Running in the Rain
I think this version might have improved on the original. 
it seems more creative and it's not a great deal more difficult to follow
(also, unlike the original, it mentions both Ed Milliband and a 'turncoat'):

  + ?090 flew
In short-lived but no less blissful forgetfulness
Then, crrdddgc3:-3)1)&”?:$wrongf_!2?
@@@1/2oming stitch-stricken round the final turncoat ovgoio ou
I could smell so many rain-freed scents listing ed Miliband to the gym now I'm
As barbeques &did burn
And other summer smells rose on the air
The earth reeked of fertility
The grass gave up some living spirit
And I had to walk for the last bit

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