Friday, 9 March 2018

draft: Yeboah Inferno Mash-up

draft of a proposed Tony Yeboah Dante mash-up - feedback needed, of course
illustrations by Gustave Doré, with a few changes, included for fun

midway through the journey of my childhood
I found myself at an intersection
between stages of youth

teenage angst lay ahead
all around were savage
the very thought of it renews the fear

I can't say how I wound up lost
so full I was of slumber
hearing only Oasis and Greenday

I had abandoned the true way
left those hours of watching Leeds
highlights back in the day

once I met that guide
glorious rays spoked out round
terror ceased

beforehand I'd been a shipwrecked sailor
watching waves reaching a desolate shore
no living soul to know

now rested and calmer at least
it seemed I was alone no more
gone suddenly from famine to feast

I beheld him in that vast desert
"have pity on me" I cried
"whether you're undead or just alive"

to show he lived still
he scored
in off the crossbar

said "I've transferred from Germany
to show you the way"
well, I've loved football from then till this day

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