Tuesday, 15 January 2013

66 - The Christmas Card

This Christmas card came for someone else.
I kept it unopened for the longest time.
Now, in mid-January, I've ripped open the envelope.
This card is a better card than any card I got for Christmas.
They were bits of nothing.
This has been hand-glittered, and not by a child.
The postage is so different anyway, as I've noticed over these weeks of half-seeing it all the time.
One dollar eighty.
This is a foreign specimen.
It reads "PAR AVION" on a dashing blue sticker that's stuck across half its front.
Now, inside, I find the most delightful card I've ever had.
I will keep this.
The message is heart-felt and tells a tale.
This is the best present of the year so far.
Better too than any from last year.
In the box it goes.

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