Sunday, 21 April 2013

At Galway Races and Galway games...

      There where the course is,
      Delight makes all of the one mind,
      The riders upon the galloping horses,
      The crowd that closes in behind:
      We, too, had good attendance once,
      Hearers and hearteners of the work;
      Aye, horsemen for companions,
      Before the merchant and the clerk
      Breathed on the world with timid breath.
      Sing on: somewhere at some new moon,
      We'll learn that sleeping is not death,
      Hearing the whole earth change its tune,
      Its flesh being wild, and it again
      Crying aloud as the racecourse is,
      And we find hearteners among men
      That ride upon horses.
Yeats' 1910 poem. Below is a version created by passing the text through several different languages in Google Translate. It seems to have shrunk in the wash:

There are, of course
 Joy agrees
 Rider, horse gallop

 A year ago, the crowd closed:
 We also have good attendance,
 Hearteners public place?
 In other riders
 Instead, firms and workers
 World of breath and atmosphere shy.
 Song: Some of the new blue moon 

 Learn sleeping death
 We have heard that all changes tune on Earth
 The meat is wild, re-
 Racetrack crying out loud!
 We saw hearteners man
 The walk.

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