Thursday, 1 August 2013

125 - Being in Love with Sarah Vaughan

I've done another foolish thing
Gone & fallen in love with Sarah Vaughan
Since she's long left us bereaved
And always was out of my league
This feels like something wrong

I know I am a fool
Even as I luxuriate
And prevaricate
And masticate
Over the sensuous, delicious magnificence of her voice

I have only one picture
Out of a whole life she lived

I've just the one image
Her poised
And elegant as a well written page
While she acts the perfect stage

Her voice carries me deeper into this folly
While this cheer carries me way from hatred
Oh golly!
She's got me gated
In a community of two
And the love
Of her voice
Of her voice
Of her voice

I'll bear ya
Ensnared by ya

I don't really hear the words
As they try to convince me
That she's not my type
Being as she is
Despite the ongoing hype
Long departed
And anyway out of my league
Since I'm just a broken-hearted


P'raps the only solution to this love
Is to listen on
And learn to get along
With this broken heart of mine
And stay cool
Stay cool
And I'll bear ya

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