Thursday, 12 February 2015

last night I saw the angels

last night I saw the angels
pouring off the roof like a snowstorm
insinuating themselves between paving stones
beneath drains coursing
up the side of the furniture they rush
a million raindrops

the angle/corner of an eighty-floor building:
the sun that picks out a hundred points there
follows an infinity
electromagnetic energy may be perceived as sound

in each dash of wine a legion calls
and in unending interrogation laments
"can you not forgive?"

the wardrobe door's a floor
on which exoduses are under way

the lots were lost in the east
where seventy-two factions feast
be thankful there is now peace
as the lovelorn moths
fluttering round the shrine
encircling it benign
only make it increase

apologies to Hafez

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