Friday, 6 February 2015

Probably April 2013

Just found this is the drafts folder. It's probably from April 2013.

On my way to the station I was addressed by a man who I initially assumed was homeless. Perhaps he'd not slept. He had the scruffy look of a happy madman. In fact, once I'd got a closer look at him I saw that his clothes weren't at all dirty or torn and he was wearing clean as new red Converse shoes.

I didn't hear him shout out to me. Crossing the road I passed a convenience store. When I reached the opposite corner I felt like there was someone trying to tell me something, so I turned around and there he was, dark skin, white hair, dishevelled in new clothes. He could have been a taxi driver seeing me with my large bag, which I had brought for the weekend. He could have wanted to know if I wanted to pay for a lift to the station.

He was waving and smiling. It was as if we'd met and he was about to say, "This is silly, you'll hardly remember me, but you held the door open for me once last year, we ended up having a little chat about how hot it was that day." His smile was so familiar that he seemed to be able to say all of this, without speaking, while looking about him and making to cross the road.

For some reason I was on my guard.

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