Sunday, 10 August 2014

Leeds United's Season Ends in Disaster

David Hockaday's side battles in vain for eight minutes before league campaign is declared defunct


Leeds United failed to impress, or even create anything resembling football, as the curtain was brought down on their season yesterday at the Den. Making opponents Millwall look like Bayern München, they blundered their way to a thoroughly deserved two-nil defeat that put the kibosh on any hopes that the 2014/15 season would bring anything but woe and shame.
Manager David Hockaday is set to be sacked, as owner Massimo Cellino looks to build for next season's inevitable return to League One.

David Hockaday: "worse than syphilis"

It would be nice to say that the Elland Road club fought valiantly before succumbing to glorious defeat, but the opposite is true. They embraced their humiliation limply with the look of lame strays en route to a first and last visit to the vets. Playing their now-familiar roles as laughingstocks, Jack Charlton's former team shambled about with all the dignity of a teenage drunk what's shat himself at  a party and has to make his way home on the train at seven in the morning.

With their season now over, several Leeds players are already in negotiations over moves away from the sinking ship. Matt Smith, Sam Byram and Luke Murphy are all Norwich-bound. Meanwhile, Cellino has reportedly flown back to Miami in disgust, deep in a sulk, vowing to return in time for the 2015/16 campaign.

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