Sunday, 21 September 2014

Such Well-Meaning Piss

Spread it all over, the well-meaning piss. Flood the floor with your smiles and raise whole rivers with trite little wishes. Fact is, with your 'nice's and 'lovely's and turns of phrase, you give goodness a bad name. You can plaster the walls with unneeded praise and paint up the town with "good luck" and "have a nice holiday" and other shit, but you'll never successfully lie to yourself. Even once you begin to believe your own lies, there is a part of you that knows the truth. Stop being nice. What gall! What gall to get up on stage and piss niceness all over the unsuspecting public. Some of them are completely innocent. None of them deserve your piss in their eye. 'Nice' is an offence. 'Nice' is a partial hate crime. 'Nice' should be cordoned off for special occasions. You will not have the key to the box where it's locked away.

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